Автопрокат в Иркутске
Автопрокат в Иркутске


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Rent a car in Irkutsk


Your car is being repaired?

In the city arrives friends or business partners, and you need to take care of their safe and comfortable movement? 

Or conversely, do you yourself have come to learn more about the region, to visit Lake Baikal, to visit a unique resort, relax in the recreation centers?

Reasons to rent a car from each can be different.


Based on your preferences, we offer the best of our cars.






mini class


economy class


business сlass

rent lux car


Rent a car to hunt the Russian bear

Extra class

In this case you will be safe.

We care about the most comfortable and convenient for you car

We have a special offer for active leisure – hunting and fishing


Adhering to the above, we hope to conquer the hearts of our future customers.


Rent a car without a driver:
rent Skoda Fabia in irkutsk rent Volkswagen Polo in irkutsk rent nissan in irkutsk  
Skoda Fabia Nissan Tiida Nissan Almera  
price: 2400 2160 price: 2500 2250 price: 2400 2160  
Прокат Hyundai Solaris в Иркутске Прокат Skoda Oktavia в Иркутске Прокат Toyota Corolla в Иркутске  
Hyundai Solaris Skoda Octavia Toyota Corolla  
price: 3200 2880 price: 3400 3060 price: 3500 3150  
Прокат VW Passat в Иркутске Прокат Toyota Camry в Иркуутске Прокат Nissan Teana в Иркутске  
VW Passat Toyota Camry Nissan Teana  
price: 6000 5400 price: 5250 4725 price: 5250 4725  
Прокат Lexus LS 460 в Иркутске Прокат Toyota Land Cruiser 200 в иркутске Прокат микроавтобусов в Иркутске  
Lexus LS 460 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Hyundai H1  
price: 7500 price: 15000 price: 5250 4725  
Прокат кабриолетов в Иркутске Скорпион 2 М на прокат    
Opel Astra Скорпион 2М    
price: 6500 price: 7500    


These maximum rates when renting a car for 3-4 days off - 5%,
5-10 days – 10% , 10-20 days – 15%